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PrOzone Professionals is now FixAIRx

FixAIRx’s new focused Mission is to provide hope and effective solutions to individuals, families and businesses who suffer from respiratory and other health related conditions aggravated by unknown contaminates in the air.

We all know someone with Asthma or Allergies. Testing for unseen toxins in your air can be very revealing and give you peace of mind.

Our all-natural solutions to “fix” the air you breathe can help you get your life back.

“…there is relatively strong evidence that characteristics of buildings and indoor environments significantly influence the occurrence of communicable respiratory illness, allergy and asthma symptoms, sick building symptoms, and worker performance. Theoretical and empirical evidence indicate that existing technologies and procedures can improve indoor environments in a manner that increases health and productivity.”

Review of Health and Productivity Gains From Better IEQ, William J. Fisk, Indoor Environment Department, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA

Our Services

Prescription Strength Solutions for Your Home or Office


Air Quality in our homes goes way beyond comfort. If you are experiencing health related symptoms or have odors in your home, you could be at risk.


Bottom Line. See how Air Quality affects your bottom line, by directly impacting your employees health and productivity levels.


When you turn on the air in your car, does your nose twitch with that initial distinct smell that is weird or moldy? You get used to it… Right? What is it?

IAQ Testing

Different contaminates can affect you differently. Do you know what your family is breathing? See how you can easily find out from a certified professional.

BioSanitation Treatment

Get peace of mind. Our process attacks and removes allergens, significantly reducing VOC counts, odor causing bacteria, fungus, mold and even virus.

UVC Lights for HVAC

Learn more about the benefits of using UV lights in your HVAC to improve your air quality by keeping harmful contaminants out of the air in your home!

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