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Healthy home and indoor air in Dallas with air restoration service
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The air in your home is proven to be more polluted than the outdoors. WAY MORE. See how much you can do, (and what you shouldn’t do), for your family to improve your overall air quality and ultimately… your families health.

Healthy commercial building, business and indoor air in Dallas with air restoration service
commercial services

Millions of man hours a year are lost to illness due to allergens and Sick Building Syndrome. Learn more about some easy things that you can do to increase productivity, and add to your bottom line. 

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Why Choose FixAIRx

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I am so glad that I found FixAIRx.  My home was basically unlivable for my daughter before they did their Biosanitation treatment.  Our VOCs tested off the chart before the treatment then, when they tested again after, I was totally amazed at the reduction off allergen triggers.  You can totally Feel the difference now!  My daughter is to happy and we are referring everyone we know!

Brie G., Dallas, TX

Thanks to FixAIRx’s team my house smells as good as new! They quickly removed the nasty smoke odor in the house my husband and I just purchased. Even after a week now, I still can’t detect ANY smoke smell. I’m very grateful for Wendy and her team, and I would recommend this service to anyone!

Evelyn B. Little Elm, Tx

I’d been sick for months before I finally noticed that I felt better when I left my house.  I researched air problems and tried a bunch of home remedies that just didn’t seem to work. My husband thought I was crazy for continuing to go to the doctor and said that it was all in my head. I was at a loss until I found Wendy and her company FixAIRx. She was able to actually identify and FIX my air quality problem where no one else seemed to know where to even start! My symptoms stopped immediately after the BioSanitation Treatment – THANK YOU Wendy you saved me!

Brenda Jones Denton, Tx

I recently had my roof redone and ever since my wife started having severe reactions to being inside our house. It was a mystery because the tar odors from the roof were strong in our patio, but they didn’t seem to bother her at all.  It was a nightmare!  I found FixAIRx and they came out and performed an environmental investigation with air quality testing. They were able to isolate the problem to the attic, then verified through a 3rd party lab, that the spray foam insulation was agitated during the roof replace and was severely off-gassing. Because we didn’t have adequate ventilation in the attic, the chemicals were coming right into the house. I am grateful that they were knowledgeable enough to help me resolve this problem so quick! I’ll definitely use them again as they have so many useful services!

Mr. Richards accountant