COVID-19 Information and Treatment

The sudden global outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid-19 virus) has left all of us rather stunned.  The immediate changes we have seen regarding our shopping habit, sports programs, and even the cancellation of parades has left most of us wondering what can we do to protect ourselves and prevent the spread of this virus?

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We at FixAIRx have already been asked many questions about doing just that… what are the best ways to avoid ourselves, families and co-workers from contracting the virus?

Here are some answers and information that we think may help you.


Great news, the answer is YES.  FixAIRx’s proprietary biosanitation process uses treatments are have been proven by independent and government labs to help neutralize viruses including Covid-19.   A great deal of study is being done on this topic and some labs are already returning favorable results.  Please see this news link.  

Is there an indoor air quality test (IAQ) that can detect the virus in our homes or offices?

Unfortunately, there is no such IAQ test for this virus at this time.  The best approach to avoiding viral contamination is still to clean, disinfect, and sanitize your spaces as much as is possible.

Since the virus is transmitted primarily via the air, in place of a test, the World Health Organization (WHO) has come up with some quidelines for how and when to wear face masks.  It is also important to understand how to dispose of a possibly infected face mask in order to control spreading of the virus.  Please this link.

How long can the virus stay infections on surfaces?

The CDC states that the coronovirus  may remain viral when on surfaces from hours to possibly even days.  The use  of disinfectant in cleaning surfaces is recommended.   It is also highly recommended that disposable gloves be worn while cleaning any possibly infected areas.  Also, if surfaces are dirty, they should be cleaned using a detergent or soap and water prior to disinfection and biosanitation.

More information is available at CDC Gov Information.

What other information do I need to know?

OSHA has come out with a list of guidelines for workers and employees along with links to interum guidance for preventing exposure and infection.  Please see link.

In addition to this OSHA guidance, employers and workers should consult interim CDC guidance specific to COVID-19. CDC also provides tips on what the general public should do during the ongoing outbreak.

OSHA has also put out a PDF publication on Preparing Workplaces for Covid-19, please see here.