My Mold Detective Kit Test
My Mold Detective Test Kit
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My Mold Detective 1 Room Kit


My Mold Detective kit for in home, do it yourself, mold testing.  Can be reused.

Comes with:
* 1 MMD Air Sampling Pump
* 1 Indoor & 1 Outdoor Air Sample Cassette
* 1 Tape Lift (surface sample)
* 15 minute phone call with certified technician to review test results

** Lab fees not included, $35 per sample

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One of the keys to having a healthy and safe home or office is for it to have healthy air. We spend most of our time indoors breathing recirculated air. So, it is especially important for you to know if what you are breathing is part of the reason you or your loved ones are not feeling their best.

Mold is found everywhere in nature and, unfortunately, many people suffer from mold allergy symptoms. Mold spores are microscopic and difficult to detect without the proper testing equipment. If you have visible mold or a musty smell in your home or office, then you probably have spores in your air and those spores may be growing in your HVAC system. But, visible or not, these spores and the mycotoxins that they produce can affect your health and well being.

Until now there has not been a reliable and affordable way to test your home or office for airborn mold. Calling in a professional to do an onsight test was the only option you had. However, the science of air testing has just made a huge leap forward.

We are proud to introduce our easy and affordable DIY mold testing kit with professional-grade results! There is now easy and affordable way to find out the health of your indoor air. Now, anyone can do their own indoor air quality testing.

The Kits use the Outdoor versus Inside spore comparison testing methodology used by IAQ Professionals in schools, public buildings, hospitals and medical facilities.

Our 3rd Party AIHA-Accredited lab analyzes the samples while also interpreting the test results for you. A customized easy-to-read online lab report will tell you if mold concentration levels are Normal, Slightly Elevated, or Elevated. Reviewing your lab report is easy and paperless and you will be notified by email once your lab report is ready to review.

Does it hold up in court? The laboratory data is generated by an independent, nationally accredited laboratory. As such, the data is sound. However, a court may question the bias of the person who performed the sampling. The standard practice would be to have a non-biased, certified and insured IAQ professional perform additional air sampling to verify the results and remove any question of bias in the performance of taking the samples. If you need a local Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) professional to perform additional sampling, please contact our office and we can help. For additional legal questions, please consult with your attorney.

This is a link to our Resource page where you can find very helpful information.
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For more on what the EPA says about Indoor Air Quality read “The inside story: A guide to Indoor Air Quality”
The EPA Guide to Indoor Air Quality

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