• BioSanitation – To remove odors and neutralize microbial growth
  • Water Damage Assessment and Mitigation Protocol
  • Fire Damage Assessment and Mitigation Protocol
  • Mold Assessment and Remediation Protocol
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • Full Home Mold Inspections
  • Commercial Building Inspections and Testing
  • TLDR Licensed Inspectors
  • School and Institutional Inspections and Testing
  • Detailed Reporting for Insurance Claims

Custom Detailed Reports

Our incredibly detailed Assessment Reports are critical in property damage claims from water or fire. If you have an insurance claim your the cost of providing this expert documentation could be covered in the claim. We describe and diagram the FULL extent of the damage, outline health risks, investigate causation, determine habitability during restoration, determine the category and class of damages, and can include a detailed protocol for the full restoration of your property to pre-damaged conditions. We are able to help you learn about each step and navigate the restoration process to restore your healthy home.

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